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What We focus on


Our capacity to continue learning throughout life is essential for growing as a professional and as a person. But learning is above all fundamental to bring us joy and happiness into our work and our life.

DOTS provides a diversity of capacity building opportunities in an international environment adjusted to your needs, expectations and availability.

We will help you identify the best training programme, seminar, study visit, job-shadowing, and other European learning mobility options available specifically for you.


Establishing quality partnerships and getting engaged in the right networks is crucial for any organisation to continue developing.
By getting in touch with other organisations, by learning about their work we are able to bring new solutions, approaches and strategies into our organisational environments.

DOTS will help your organisation to get in touch with other potential partners that will help your entity to become more international and to boost your internal learning potential.

Our support goes from tailor-made capacity and team building activities for your organisation staff members to provide opportunities to participate in international seminars, conferences, study visits and networking events.

We will be able to work together with you to support your organisation to become a learning organisation and to bring all the potential of this learning into your practices.


Our territories are facing enormous challenges, from climate change to retaining or bringing talent in our municipalities and regions.

Our capacity to develop the most suitable public policies and programmes in a variety of fields comes from our ability to learn from others experiences and previous learnings.

DOTS will help your public or private entities to connect other territories, and to create moments of sharing practices, strategies and resources
for development.

By connecting territories, we bring together decision-makers and relevant stakeholders to get inspired and to be able to bring innovation and development into our communities.

Connecting learners for development

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